Johnny War (johnnywar) wrote in pgh_righters,
Johnny War

New Sketch Show Needs Writers

I am a writer/actor who is moving back to Pittsburgh after a year studying/performing at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York City.

I am putting together a (monthly?) sketch comedy show in Pittsburgh, and so I need a few writers.

You would be a part of a writing staff who will suggest sketch concepts and then write those sketches solo or in teams. Sketches will further be edited as needed by the head writer

What I need from you:

2-3 sketches
I am looking for character/situation-driven comedy that does not rely on puns, gimmicks, or funny names. It can be silly or absurd, but should have some connection to reality.

I'm looking for work along the lines of Kids in the Hall, Mr. Show, and the Upright Citizens Brigade television shows. Most will be stage pieces, but some of the sketches will be filmed interstitials between sketches.

Sketches should be between 2-4 minutes long.

I will also need a cover letter telling me about your previous experience with writing/comedy, how you prefer to work, how you characterize your humor, etc.

E-mail: chrisgriswold ''AT'' gmail ''DOT'' com

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