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Pittsburgh Writers

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This is a community for writers in Pittsburgh, PA and the surrounding areas (duh.) I'm open to any type of writers, from journalists to creative writers to nonfiction writers. You can post your work, if you want others' opinions, shoot out ideas, spread the word about publications or something you have gotten published- pretty much so anything that has to do with writing. Here are the rules:
1.) No bashing anyone else's writing- if you have something bad to say, say it constructively.If you just write "This sucks" I'm going to delete it. If you keep it up, I'm not afraid to ban you.
2.) When you post your writing, no matter how long, post it behind an l-j cut for everyone's friends' pages sake. Give a summary of what it is (poem/short story/article) and just what it's about.
3.)I'm not objected to off topic posts, but please, if it's going to be a lot, l-j cut it!
4.) Have fun!
I'm intending this community for college students and high schoolers, who write, although if you are a professional and want to join, you are more than welcome to.
When you join, please fill out this intro survey and post it.
area of writing most interested in-
favorite thing about writing-
favorite piece you've written-
biggest accomplishment in writing-
writer(s) you admire-
why you love writing-
anything else you want to add-
name three things in your fridge-