gnostictwilight (gnostictwilight) wrote in pgh_righters,

Pittsburgh Writers

Several writers who live in the Pittsburgh area get together over coffee once a month. These get-togethers provide feedback on writing from the perspective of other writers who are also readers.

Our November meeting will be this coming Thursday, October 15 at 7:00 at the Panera's on Boulevard of the Allies in Oakland. All writers are welcome - published, not published, not intending to be published. Feel free to bring your writing to share or be discussed - or not - it's up to you. When you arrive, just look for a table with an informal sign tent that reads "Writers".

For exact location and map, go to Panera's website, and enter zip code 15213 at the bottom of their home page. There is easy parking. This Panera's is just a short walk from bus routes. (Note: There are two Panera's in Oakland. This Panera's is inside the Quality Inn University Center on Boulevard of the Allies.)
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