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Newbie Post

name - Tanya
age/sex - 19/female
college/HS - Art Institute of Pittsburgh
area of writing most interested in - fiction and creative nonfiction and modern/slam/beat poetry, genre wise I do comedic, gay-themed, young adult stuff, and technical/research-driven writing
favorite thing about writing - the actual writing, when the words flow through you and you don't have to think about it
favorite piece you've written - "Jesus and Lola" - it was totally fun and goofy, the first piece of writing a shared on the interwebs. And, "If I Could Live," the only piece of poetry I ever wrote.
biggest accomplishment in writing - a compliment by a professional writer about a piece
writer(s) you admire - Erich Segal and J.D. Salinger, Allen Gingnsberg, Beau Sia, Sean Williams, Pinero
why you love writing - my mind's a scary place, constantly thinking and over-analyzing, and on top of that I'm kind of shy or untalkative, is that a word? Anywho, writing is a way for me to get all the mess out of my head and onto paper.
anything else you want to add - I dabble in fanfiction too, that's what I use my LJ for generally.
name three things in your fridge - djon mustard, ketchup, strawberry jelly (that's actually all I have in my fridge) I'm no cook.
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