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My survey

name- Veenie
college/HS-University of Pgh
area of writing most interested in-journalism
favorite thing about writing- the feeling of knowing that I'vve done something meaningful, that I helped in informing someone about well, something. Also, there's a certain freedom in writing.
favorite piece you've written- Very hard, one of three pieces: My big brother feature, My original Angel column, or my Cordia Commons series.
biggest accomplishment in writing- getting to interview Jesse Jackson and writing about it
writer(s) you admire- God, very hard. I lean more towards poets there, with Emily Dickinson
why you love writing- It makes me happy
anything else you want to add- AIM is pharmsweetie706, feel free to say hi!
name three things in your fridge- mudslides, jumbo and Crystal Lite Rasberry Ice.
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