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NAME – Sierra Townshend
AGE/SEX – 15/female
COLLEGE/HS – Northgate Junior/Senior High School
AREA OF WRITING MOST INTERESTED IN – short stories, poetry, and the occasional parody
FAVORITE THING ABOUT WRITING – release, enjoyment … really, I can’t find anything I don’t like about it
FAVORITE PIECE YOU’VE WRITTEN – “Continue This Way” (a short poem that I put plenty of hard work into)
BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENT IN WRITING – Through everything, I’d have to say discovering that I could write.
WRITER(S) YOU ADMIRE – V.C. Andrews, S.D. Perry, and Edgar Allan Poe (as well as many others)
WHY YOU LOVE WRITING – It’s a perfect means of release, and can benefit to others as well.
ANYTHING ELSE YOU WANT TO ADD – Don’t underestimate the writing ability of a fifteen-year-old.
NAME THREE THINGS IN YOUR FRIDGE – milk, iced tea, and home-grown vegetables
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