Horatio the Half-Mad (lordhoratio) wrote in pgh_righters,
Horatio the Half-Mad

Looking for the right magazine to write for?

Hello writer folk, former Pitt underground literary mogul Josh Clark here. I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with The Cerebral Catalyst, especially the younger set. But if you're looking for places to start getting published, we might be able to help. The Cerebral Catalyst is a weekly online lterary magazine, which was started a couple of years ago by a group of Pitt students who wanted to publish their own work without the shackles of official university permission. Today we still update every week, with original short stories, poems, humor & instructional columns, comics, and serialized novels -- written by some of the best writers in Pittsburgh.

We don't pay, but we reach a pretty diverse audience, and are always on the look-out for new and talented writers. It's a pretty good community, especially for those of you who have never been published. Check out the website or drop me a line at lordhoratio@gmail.com, if you're interested. We've also got an Editor For Hire service, for those of you who need some help working out the kinks in your own work.

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