Eli, the Barrowboy (brewteanothate) wrote in pgh_righters,
Eli, the Barrowboy


name- Blake

age/sex- 19/male

college/HS- Art Institute of Pittsburgh

area of writing most interested in- Urban/contemporary fantasy, philosophical, socio-political, poetry

favorite thing about writing- I can better put into words what I can't ever seem to say.

favorite piece you've written- I have no idea.

biggest accomplishment in writing- An eight and a twenty page short story.

writer(s) you admire- Tad Williams, Neil Gaiman, George RR Martin, Terry Pratchett, Brad Warner

why you love writing- I think this was asked already.

anything else you want to add- I major in animation, and would like to do some grad work in literature so I can do some sort of high brow graphic novel.

name three things in your fridge- Sun tea, lemons, veggie burgers.
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