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3rd September 2008

jaz85310:42am: 2008 Creative Nonfiction Writers' Conference
Creative Nonfiction is excited to announce the 2008 Creative Nonfiction Writers' Conference, to be held in Pittsburgh, October 2-4. There's a special focus on writing about science and technology, but the program
includes something for everyone, from readings about puppets and pickle pins to in-depth manuscript review workshops with nationally-acclaimed editors and authors. A flyer about the event is under the cut, and registration is now open at Creative Nonfiction.

If you have any questions, leave a comment and I'll check it our for you. Tell your writer friends! And your non-writer friends! And your enemies!

Flyer, cut for your pleasureCollapse )

11th November 2007

gnostictwilight8:38pm: Pittsburgh Writers
Several writers who live in the Pittsburgh area get together over coffee once a month. These get-togethers provide feedback on writing from the perspective of other writers who are also readers.

Our November meeting will be this coming Thursday, October 15 at 7:00 at the Panera's on Boulevard of the Allies in Oakland. All writers are welcome - published, not published, not intending to be published. Feel free to bring your writing to share or be discussed - or not - it's up to you. When you arrive, just look for a table with an informal sign tent that reads "Writers".

For exact location and map, go to Panera's website, and enter zip code 15213 at the bottom of their home page. There is easy parking. This Panera's is just a short walk from bus routes. (Note: There are two Panera's in Oakland. This Panera's is inside the Quality Inn University Center on Boulevard of the Allies.)

15th November 2006

juneprota1:46pm: Newbie Post
name - Tanya
age/sex - 19/female
college/HS - Art Institute of Pittsburgh
area of writing most interested in - fiction and creative nonfiction and modern/slam/beat poetry, genre wise I do comedic, gay-themed, young adult stuff, and technical/research-driven writing
favorite thing about writing - the actual writing, when the words flow through you and you don't have to think about it
favorite piece you've written - "Jesus and Lola" - it was totally fun and goofy, the first piece of writing a shared on the interwebs. And, "If I Could Live," the only piece of poetry I ever wrote.
biggest accomplishment in writing - a compliment by a professional writer about a piece
writer(s) you admire - Erich Segal and J.D. Salinger, Allen Gingnsberg, Beau Sia, Sean Williams, Pinero
why you love writing - my mind's a scary place, constantly thinking and over-analyzing, and on top of that I'm kind of shy or untalkative, is that a word? Anywho, writing is a way for me to get all the mess out of my head and onto paper.
anything else you want to add - I dabble in fanfiction too, that's what I use my LJ for generally.
name three things in your fridge - djon mustard, ketchup, strawberry jelly (that's actually all I have in my fridge) I'm no cook.

9th November 2006

gnostictwilight6:53pm: Wirters Group Meeting
Several writers, who live in the Pittsburgh area, now meet regularly for encouragement or to critique each other's writers.

This group includes people who write fiction, nonfiction, poetry and blogs; people who write commercially, who hope to publish someday and who have no interest in being published.

We meet on the 3rd Thursday of each month at Panera's on Boulevard of the Allies in Oakland. For exact location and map, go to the Panera's website, and enter zip code 15213 at the bottom of their home page. There is easy parking. This Panera's is just a short walk from bus routes.

Note: The November meeting will be held at any table. Starting with the December meeting, we will use their private room.

19th September 2006

phedre_714:18pm: Ping?
Staying dead in the water, or are there still writers out there?

13th December 2005

townshend_wolf11:59pm: "What Do You Do?"
If you died today
Would anyone miss you?
Would they even know?
What would they do?

You know your friends well
They mean a lot to you
But it seems they've forgotten
What do you do?

You feel so lost
Your love will be gone
You feel all alone
What can be done?

One day, it's all over
Your lonely life will be through
Still, it seems they don't care
And there's nothing you can do

© Sierra Townshend

18th September 2005

bethofalltrades3:14pm: "Mrs. Shakespeare" Performances This Fall!
Hey all! I'm doing publicity for a neat show called "Mrs. Shakespeare." It's a one woman show about the life and times of Shakespeare's wife, Anne Hathaway. At the end of the month, "Mrs. Shakespeare" will premiere in its new venue, the English Nationality Room at the University of Pittsburgh!

More info.Collapse )
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12th September 2005

funblast11:32am: Overheard in Pittsburgh
I figure Pittsburgh is a good place to overhear someone saying something interesting/crazy/funny, so I thought I would let everyone know about Overheard in Pittsburgh.

If you overhear anything interesting - on the street, in class, on the bus - pass it along to me with a brief description of the people involved at overheardinpgh@gmail.com.

In Pittsburgh, this city of college students and work-a-day joes, of arts and beer and unreliable public transportation, it's hard not to overhear little bits of other people's lives.

In line at a fast food restaurant, a man yells into his cell phone.

He's yelling for you.

On the bus, two girls gossiping about a celebrity couple.

They're gossiping for you.

In class, a professor says something he really oughtn't.

He's saying it for you.

Welcome to Overheard in Pittsburgh, a collection of impromptu little public performances, reported and displayed for your enjoyment.

Overheard in Pittsburgh:
We're not eavesdroppers, we're attentive listeners.

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5th September 2005

townshend_wolf6:56am: Survey
NAME – Sierra Townshend
AGE/SEX – 15/female
COLLEGE/HS – Northgate Junior/Senior High School
AREA OF WRITING MOST INTERESTED IN – short stories, poetry, and the occasional parody
FAVORITE THING ABOUT WRITING – release, enjoyment … really, I can’t find anything I don’t like about it
FAVORITE PIECE YOU’VE WRITTEN – “Continue This Way” (a short poem that I put plenty of hard work into)
BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENT IN WRITING – Through everything, I’d have to say discovering that I could write.
WRITER(S) YOU ADMIRE – V.C. Andrews, S.D. Perry, and Edgar Allan Poe (as well as many others)
WHY YOU LOVE WRITING – It’s a perfect means of release, and can benefit to others as well.
ANYTHING ELSE YOU WANT TO ADD – Don’t underestimate the writing ability of a fifteen-year-old.
NAME THREE THINGS IN YOUR FRIDGE – milk, iced tea, and home-grown vegetables
Current Mood: mellow

16th August 2005

lordhoratio1:30pm: Looking for the right magazine to write for?
Hello writer folk, former Pitt underground literary mogul Josh Clark here. I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with The Cerebral Catalyst, especially the younger set. But if you're looking for places to start getting published, we might be able to help. The Cerebral Catalyst is a weekly online lterary magazine, which was started a couple of years ago by a group of Pitt students who wanted to publish their own work without the shackles of official university permission. Today we still update every week, with original short stories, poems, humor & instructional columns, comics, and serialized novels -- written by some of the best writers in Pittsburgh.

We don't pay, but we reach a pretty diverse audience, and are always on the look-out for new and talented writers. It's a pretty good community, especially for those of you who have never been published. Check out the website or drop me a line at lordhoratio@gmail.com, if you're interested. We've also got an Editor For Hire service, for those of you who need some help working out the kinks in your own work.


17th July 2005

hans_meinigel5:16pm: Posted Stories
I have just posted two of my stories in my journal section. One is "Das Ross," which I mentioned in my survey, the other is a companion story entitled "The Boy." Both are set in Berlin in 1927. Any feed back is appreciated. Thanks!

15th July 2005

hans_meinigel11:57pm: Survey
name- Samuel
age/sex- 22/M
college/HS- University of Pittsburgh
area of writing most interested in- Historical Fiction
favorite thing about writing- when characters take me in directions I never expected
favorite piece you've written- "Das Ross"
biggest accomplishment in writing- poetry in German
writer(s) you admire- Erich Maria Remarque (I suppose I could go on and on, but that's my stock answer)
why you love writing- creation, self-expression, the contribution of something tangible to the world
anything else you want to add- Can anyone recommend any good graduate programs in creative writing (fiction - novels), preferably in the US or Canada?
name three things in your fridge- iced tea, insulin for my dog, shredded cheese

31st May 2005

phedre_717:34pm: name- Liz
age/sex- 33/F
college/HS- WCCC Con-Ed CNF Instructor
area of writing most interested in- Creative Nonfiction
favorite thing about writing- the one thing that cures migraines
favorite piece you've written- "Stockholm Syndrome" short CNF work in progress/out for consideration
biggest accomplishment in writing- interviewing a Pulitzer Prize winner
writer(s) you admire- Diana Hume George, Milan Kundera, Sylvia Plath
why you love writing- Why not?
anything else you want to add- Editors aren't the enemy
name three things in your fridge- Hummus, Merlot, Rolling Rock Beer
Current Mood: amused

21st April 2005

johnnywar4:05pm: New Sketch Show Needs Writers
I am a writer/actor who is moving back to Pittsburgh after a year studying/performing at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York City.

I am putting together a (monthly?) sketch comedy show in Pittsburgh, and so I need a few writers.

You would be a part of a writing staff who will suggest sketch concepts and then write those sketches solo or in teams. Sketches will further be edited as needed by the head writer

What I need from you:

2-3 sketches
I am looking for character/situation-driven comedy that does not rely on puns, gimmicks, or funny names. It can be silly or absurd, but should have some connection to reality.

I'm looking for work along the lines of Kids in the Hall, Mr. Show, and the Upright Citizens Brigade television shows. Most will be stage pieces, but some of the sketches will be filmed interstitials between sketches.

Sketches should be between 2-4 minutes long.

I will also need a cover letter telling me about your previous experience with writing/comedy, how you prefer to work, how you characterize your humor, etc.

E-mail: chrisgriswold ''AT'' gmail ''DOT'' com

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25th March 2005

blemishingmiror12:00am: Right Then ...
name - Tia
age/sex - 20/female
college/HS - University of Pittsburgh
area of writing most interested in - fiction and creative nonfiction
favorite thing about writing - editing
favorite piece you've written - "Water Under the Bridge" or "Deer Hunting"
biggest accomplishment in writing - everytime I learn something new
writer(s) you admire - don't make me do that
why you love writing - it gives me freedom
anything else you want to add - that I most likely won't be posting anything, just helping out?
name three things in your fridge - applesauce, milk, and butter

1st February 2005

she_obliterated2:50pm: A Creative Writng for Teens class will be offered by the JCC in Ms. Lebanon starting the week of February 21st. It's a five week class and will be held Saturday's at 1:00p.m. The class generally runs for one hour. We'll be going over fiction and poetry writing.

Register for classes by e-mailing Sharon Juli at sjuli@jccpgh.org or call 412-288-1975. Classes are sponsored and registrations processed by the JCC, South Hills located at 345 Kane Blvd, Mt. Lebanon.

I'll be the one teaching it, so you can ask me any questions here. I offered to specifically teach this class because it's something really close to me. I was a teenager who was very into writing, but didn't have a lot of resources offered to me. I had one teacher who really pushed me, but not a lot of help or guidance. I had to flounder my way into a writing program in college.

And since it's the rules and I respect them.

name- Jolie
age/sex- 24/F
college/HS- Graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, currently applying into graduate programs to get an MFA in creative writing.
area of writing most interested in- Fiction
favorite thing about writing- Catharsis
favorite piece you've written- Dust
biggest accomplishment in writing- Having half of a novel solidly written
writer(s) you admire- Margaret Atwood
why you love writing- I wouldn't know what else to do with myself.
name three things in your fridge- Coffee, coffee, and coffee.

22nd December 2004

wordfilled_rose12:55pm: say something, beautiful one
I see You everywhere I go
but it's not You.
Your hair & smile & nose & clothes
maybe You were cool after all.
I have this constant feeling
in the gut of My stomach,
that I did something
& You still remember;
but all i remember is
you face & voice.
breathing through my nose,
the muggy stale air-
it doesn't smell like You,
your shirt, your body, I have nothing.
Everywhere I go,
We were there once.
Footsteps, whispers & wonders,
I still hold that in My wallet.

December 22, 2004
Merry xmas, Gabby

14th December 2004

wordfilled_rose12:59pm: Reality Teen TV - poem
Gossip & parting as a Senior
Dirty floors, pee green water fountains
Is this what High School is really about?
Is this how life really works out?

Sore right arm, a back ache & a half
Flat feet, a runny nose
I don't plan on working here forever
Making 6$ on Sundays with no real lunch

chorus: Abandoned with my music, messy room
What's to life but work & survival
Nothings gonna be good enough
My mind is running naked
Maybe that's why I'm cold

Sink is filled with dirty dishes, the toilet is clogged
She's screaming but I'm calm & laughing
All the T.V.'s in the house are on
With the same things on the screen
F**k family bonding, I'll do it alone.

An earring here, a stain there- is in
Pink stripes & blue dots chase me
30$ lipgloss costs more than my shoes
What has the world come to when a dollar means more than a moment.

Abandoned with my music, messy room
What's to life but work & survival
Nothings gonna be good enough
My mind is running naked
Maybe that's why I'm cold

I can't stand how things have come
Everyone wanting to be like everyone
They don't care what's real,
but they know that reality T.V is "Reality."

I found out you survive on your own not with a crew & their s**t
Passion & love is more than that ring that is said to say it
Why can't I just be me
Cold, hungry & entertained

Abandoned with my music, messy room
What's to life but work & survival
Nothings gonna be good enough
My mind is running naked
Maybe that's why I'm cold

~Regina 12/14/04
Song-I could hear Greenday singing it
Current Mood: content

9th December 2004

wordfilled_rose1:34pm: the lost doll's tale, part II
a hand has a touch
a touch on my face
a face that is supposed to smile
a smile that i can not bear for you
you, whom i want to love, but inside you refuse
refusing to answer me
answer me when i talk to you
talking to you is useless cause you're not here anyway
anyway, i'm only a doll that you touch and dont see
dont see as if you're blind
blind, that you are not, your eyes are empty though.

~Regina 12/9/04
you dont understand me, nikki!

7th December 2004

wordfilled_rose1:18pm: a small piece of my collection of things
hey yall (hehe)! i'd really like to see this community like all u writers on here to like start posting on here, i wanna see what pittsburgh is made of, mentally, not just a bunch of bums (literally). i wanna see how creative this city has been made out to be. i know i just joined this group here but it dont look like no1 every posts...please?!

I'm not sure why this is, What has caused me my breath to stall and go stale
Why do I feel so tired, lonely, and ugly
Writing now is hard, my hands are so heavy and it's actually hard to think
My lips seem so dry and dull.
I feel like I could either sleep forever or run forever, to forget the world
There's no reason to live, I have nothing, no one, and I couldn't care less
Life is being sucked out of me be the world, working has roboted me
Made me just another person, part of society
I just want to be me, not nothing at all
Why can't I get excited, my eyes feel grey
Everything I want doesnt care, there's nothing there, as if I don't even exist
Like my Inexistent Man, I'll never find it
Never feel good
Never be anything
I used to be everything, have everything, a simple Butterfly being free
Wait, someone just told me I'm depressed, yeah I guess that's possible
Alright, sure, what the hell
It doesn't matter anyway
*Regina 11/11/04

~The Great Pretender~
I pretend, for the world
I silently care for You though
By this, My heart rots as You hold it in Your hands.

I can hear You play a song for Me,
moving Your fingers and hands but Your eyes still on Me.
Emptying words and thoughts from everything inside
of Me as I eagerly watch You love Me with Your eyes.

My dreams are a different Me,
a loving, caring, hopeful Me
A Me that can't get enough of You
Believeing that You are and am all I want
Someday You'll come and make My dremas come true
Wiping all of the world away from Me and make Me whole again
Make Me Yours forever again
*Regina French 11/16/04 I'll try to make time for You, My love. Chris.

~Oath of Truth~
The only truth I know is the one You tell Me.
You always tell Me how much You love Me
You're mine, I have You to hold, love, cherish and adore.
That there is what I know.
I feel You when You're not even touching Me
I hear You when You're not talking
I see You when You're not here.
The truth is that You're a part of Me
A leg I couldn't walk without
A finger I couldn't write this poem with
An eye I couldn't see You with again.
I guess it is You who makes Me special
Your truth makes Me whole.
*Regina French 11/17/04 Only Chris' love.

~The Man~
My fearless leader
Knight in shining armor
Pillar of strength
Best friend.
I know I hurt You
Yet You forgive Me all the same.
Safety come from Your lips
I think the butterflies are back
The dark is darker with out You whispering in it
The moon is brighter and fuller with You under its stars
The wind beneath My wings
Last fish in the sea for Me.
Touching Myself for You
Preparing Myself for Your wishes
Your wish is My command
As long as You're My man.
*Regina 9/3/04 Chris: Everything i could ever need or want, is you.

~So many~
I love Your name,
It makes Me giggle.
That's important to Me.
I'm stuck on You,
Like a sticker to a mirror.

I am angry though
I know You want Me, You tell Me
I cry because I love You
But...where are You
Just talk ok
About this and that

Funny how bi-polar works
I want to be wrapped around Your hug
But I want to rip My skin off
Maybe I'll leave this unfinished
So I don't say things I don't mean.
*Regina 11/30/04 I hate when you say "Well..."

~Her, part II~
I can move on now.
None of them are
about Me.
Her & Her & Her
But not Me.
Now my heart can be
At peace.
Icy winter has finally come over the
Blossomed immortal flower.
Still dear,
But not so close.
Shock is in My veins,
How can I not love My love?
I dont know...
She loves another.
Clearing the past,
A kiss good-bye.
*Regina 12/3/04 Good-night, Gabby.

~The Lost Doll's Tale~
Seeing You kills Me cause I want You to want Me. But You don't want Me. I think You see Me as a toy, fiddle with Me all You want, just to completly ignore Me later. But I'm sick of it! I'll tell You now, child, I like You-though I'm not sure why, there's a mystery about You. Curiousity killed the cat. Maybe it's better this way, then, you don't care & I'm not too hurt...yet. Or maybe You're You & I couldn't feel right in you world. Those people would tear Me apart like a lion to a gazel. It kills Me that one little piece of the day, You doll Me; the next day You treat Me like a disease, even if You look at Me, You might die from it. I Or maybe it's not Your fault, maybe those people make You think that it's wrong if You want me back. Fine, fake it, see where that gets You, I wish I could wait, but honestly, I don't think I want to. Shaking in anger inside, I see You everyday & You see right through Me, like a bear & water. Either way: I still look up to You, still dream of You but still it doens't matter.
*Regina 12/6/04 Good-bye, Nikki.
Current Mood: please post...eh?!

30th November 2004

brewteanothate7:56pm: Ode to insomnia and summer
Short poemCollapse )
brewteanothate7:28pm: Ahoy-hoy
name- Blake

age/sex- 19/male

college/HS- Art Institute of Pittsburgh

area of writing most interested in- Urban/contemporary fantasy, philosophical, socio-political, poetry

favorite thing about writing- I can better put into words what I can't ever seem to say.

favorite piece you've written- I have no idea.

biggest accomplishment in writing- An eight and a twenty page short story.

writer(s) you admire- Tad Williams, Neil Gaiman, George RR Martin, Terry Pratchett, Brad Warner

why you love writing- I think this was asked already.

anything else you want to add- I major in animation, and would like to do some grad work in literature so I can do some sort of high brow graphic novel.

name three things in your fridge- Sun tea, lemons, veggie burgers.

21st November 2004

mr_jones_and_me4:44pm: name- Rachael
age/sex- 17, female
college/HS- The Pittsburgh High School for the Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA)
area of writing most interested in- Fiction and Poetry. I can't decide which I like better
favorite thing about writing- Creating visuals, watching my characters make develop, finishing a good story
favorite piece you've written- I wrote three pieces of Surrealism that I really like
biggest accomplishment in writing- I'd say writing Surrealism. It's hard.
writer(s) you admire- Lewis Nordan, he's my favorite writer
why you love writing- I like creating characters, creating images, getting to know and discovering things about the characters I create, the feeling of accomplishment and pride when a piece is finished...
anything else you want to add- Nope
name three things in your fridge- Light, shelves, seedless red grapes.
Current Mood: good

6th September 2004

notsomediumdrip12:26am: My survey
name- Veenie
college/HS-University of Pgh
area of writing most interested in-journalism
favorite thing about writing- the feeling of knowing that I'vve done something meaningful, that I helped in informing someone about well, something. Also, there's a certain freedom in writing.
favorite piece you've written- Very hard, one of three pieces: My big brother feature, My original Angel column, or my Cordia Commons series.
biggest accomplishment in writing- getting to interview Jesse Jackson and writing about it
writer(s) you admire- God, very hard. I lean more towards poets there, with Emily Dickinson
why you love writing- It makes me happy
anything else you want to add- AIM is pharmsweetie706, feel free to say hi!
name three things in your fridge- mudslides, jumbo and Crystal Lite Rasberry Ice.
Current Mood: sleepy
notsomediumdrip12:24am: Welcome, welcome...
Hello everyone! Welcome to Pittsburgh Writers. I hope this place is alot of fun, and that everyone gets something out of the community.
Please excuse my typing, for my spacebar is a piece of shit.
Anyways, When you join, please fill this out kinda as an intro to the group.
area of writing most interested in-
favorite thing about writing-
favorite piece you've written-
biggest accomplishment in writing-
writer(s) you admire-
why you love writing-
anything else you want to add-
name three things in your fridge-
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